About Us


Kimsa Crafts is a family owned business managed by family members.


Kimsa Crafts Enterprises is managed and administered by the directors who are entitled to exercise all such powers and to all such acts and things as the company is authorized to do,headed by managing director.

Customer Service

Kimsa Crafts Enterprises is devoted to satisfy its customers abroad and locally by maintaining steady supply and high quality of products.In marketing section the company has onerous responsibility of representing the desired products and services to its customers.


Kimsa Crafts Enterprises is devoted in carrying out its business and not with limits,it's our intention to diversify and decentralize our products and services in our already captured market and also to widen it.

We have marketed the same in different parts of the world like Portugal,Germany,Korea,U.S.A,Japan and Canada.In this market we are also intending to put in and diversify in areas of products where it is in our plan to introduce other products like tea and coffee.

We Are

  • Reliable, proffessional and responsible.
  • Very Easy to work with.
  • Always going above and beyond for the client.
  • A trustowrthy team that always delivers.
  • Highly recommendable.

Client Says

“Kimsa Crafts Enterprises Limited is my “Go To” team for all of my Handcrafts. They provide extraordinary customer service and professionalism.”